Textile Chemical Division

Wet Processing Chemicals

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Product Name Product Description
Sorbitol WA*
A wide range of Wetting and Rewetting Agents
Sorbitol SC*
A wide range of excellent scouring agents.
Sorbitol SR*
A wide range of excellent sstain removing agents.
Sorbitol SSW*
A wide range of combined wetting scouring and stain removing agents having excellent detergency, high wetting, Scouring, Stain Removing and dispersing power, with effective carrying capacity for soil & fats.
Sorbitol DSP*
A wide range of Dispersing Agents
Sorbitol SQ*
A wide range of Sequestering cum chelating agent with Water Softening properties
Sorbitol TRO
SORBITOL TRO is a powerful surface active agent having wide applications. This product is based on vegetable oils and is totally bio-degradable and eco friendly
Sorbitol FC
An excellent solvent based stain extracting Agent
Sorbitol OT*
A wide Range of OT Liquid & Paste
Sorbitol LF*
A wide range of Low foaming Wetting Agents &Detergents
Sorbitol PK
An effective Peroxide Killer
Sorbitol MZ
Highly effective mercerizing Agen
Sorbitol SDF
Highly effective defoaming Agents for overcoming various types of foaming and scumming problems
Sorbitol ENZ*
A wide range of excellent enzymes for washing, biopolishing, denim and other fabrics/garments
Sorbitol SAR
Cost effective substitute of Soda Ash used for consistent shading in cotton dyeing with reactive dyestuff due to improved pH control, even absorption and fixation of dyestuffs; reduction of TDS in dye bath and in ETP; increases life of R.O. membrane; reduction of process time due to easy washing off; reduced usage of acid for neutralization; also used in electroplating industry as wetting and cleaning agent
Sorbitol GRN AD
Cost effective Green substitute of Acetic Acid used for providing efficient pH system in all stages of wet processing, neutralization of 100% cotton, polyester and their blends, core alkali neutralizer, enhanced hard water stability etc.
Sorbitol CH
Versatile sequestration and chelating agent; also useful as water softener; de-flocculant properties
Sorbitol CA
An effective Core Alkali (Caustic Soda) Neutralization after Bleaching
Sorbitol D-Paste
Highly concentrated product in Paste form; imparts excellent cleaning of fabric;
Sorbitol AIO*
All in One Reduction Clearing Agent ; Acid Buffer used at the time of dyeing; highly important step; keeps dyeing mixture at acidic pH; imparts excellent dyeing Excellent Reductive effect in acidic dyebaths during the cooling stage; Removal of Unfixed disperse dyes from polyester, nylon, wool, natural silk , cellulosic fibers; Decolorizing the dyebath.

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